Q: What happens when a pilot, a retired LA County Sheriff Deputy, and a biochemist walk into a bar?


Longtime friends, Steve Lach and Lyle Smith, co-founded
CLEANO Inc. in 2012.

Smith was a twenty year veteran with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department who had specialized in hazardous materials. Lach had trained as a pilot and serviced airplanes and helicopters at Del Monte Aviation, Monterey Airport in California.

From 2007 until 2011, they co-owned a successful microbrewery near Yosemite in California together.

Now if you've ever cleaned brewery equipment, you already know it's NOT a good time.

Cleaning fermentation vats and equipment is a dirty job with lots of scrubbing involved. After one of the big cleans, Smith and Lach were enjoying a well-deserved beer when they realized they could benefit from a powerful industrial cleaner and degreaser that got the job done.

But they craved a solution that a) contained less harsh and toxic chemicals and b) had less impact on the environment.

At the time Lyle suffered from chemically induced dermatitis, and for the life of him, couldn't clear it up. He had tried other green cleaning products without luck, and was actively looking for a better solution.

And Steve knew pilots and aircraft crew were tired of having to glove up and use various protective gear when washing planes or helicopters - or risk inhaling the cleaning products and a bout of itchy skin.

Effectively, they needed a cleaner that was simply greener than what was on the market already.

Steve's brother had over twenty years of biochemistry experience, along with a Masters in biology, and decided to join Team CLEANO® during the development phase.

Together they set out to create a powerful cleaner that was free of harmful chemicals, known as VOCs, that can cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and cancers. (More information on VOCs here.)

It took several formulations to meet all of their criteria, but together they developed a revolutionary and truly green cleaning alternative, CLEANO®.  

Today CLEANO® is used to clean the manliest toys known on Earth.

We're talking fighter jets, GLOCK pistols, and law enforcement helicopters.

But (and we're not joking) CLEANO® is also is safe and gentle enough to use in your home and laundry.

Word of mouth in law enforcement and construction circles has allowed the company to expand and grow in the aviation, weapons, and industrial sectors.

From garages to construction sites, airplane hangars to toy haulers, and gunsmiths shops to massive clean rooms, you'll find real men and women are using CLEANO® on their most beloved (and filthy) possessions.

Team CLEANO® is on a mission to make NON-TOXIC GREEN CLEANING a way of life for real rough and tumble men and women worldwide.


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American Jail Association (AJA)

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