CLEANO® Co-Founder, Lyle Smith: My Life With CLEANO®

Lyle Smith, Retired LASD and Co-Founder of CLEANO Inc.FROM THE DESK OF LYLE SMITH
Retired LASD Sheriff Deputy and co-founder of CLEANO®

Prior to using CLEANO®, I suffered from a chemically induced dermatitis on numerous areas of my body. Specifically, my hands and calves were constantly with a rash.

I had to wash dishes with gloves on my hands. My calves were broken out, I assume from household laundry detergents.

Today, I use my phenomenal product exclusively at my home and work.

For me, personally, CLEANO®'s been a true game changer.

For starters, I no longer suffer from the chemically induced rash.

So I wanted to share with you how I use this green industrial cleaner in my everyday life.


I've purchased multiple spray bottles and have them labeled and ready to go throughout my home.

I start by making a gallon of 3:1 which sits on top of my washing machine. Using approximately half of the 3:1 formulation, I then make a second gallon of 7:1.

Then I fill several spray bottles with each dilution and label each accordingly.


The 3:1 is used for concrete cleaning. I use it on my driveways and on my construction job sites.

Here's one of my favorite videos of me using CLEANO® on a work site. I'm telling you, this stuff is remarkable.

Watch other videos I've made about CLEANO® over at our YouTube channel.

I also use the 3:1 ratio for:

  • Degreasing my engine compartments.
  • Cleaning my weapons.
  • Washing laundry. (I use 4 ounces of the 3:1 per load.)
  • Cleaning up the BBQ grill.
  • Any stainless steel.
  • Mopping kitchen floors. (2 ounces in a bucket.)
  • ...and, for other heavy-duty cleaning needs.


I put my 7:1 solution into a bottle that makes foam. I keep a bottle on each sink and use it for washing dishes, hands.

A regular spray bottle with 7:1 is used for keeping tile and grout clean, removing fingerprints from the refrigerator and walls, and cleaning my home's trash containers.

Spot cleaning on carpet is performed with either 3:1 or 7:1, and can be used in floor machines.

For streak free window cleaning, I put half of an ounce (½ oz.) of concentrate into a gallon of purified water. It works great on my windows and mirrors in my home and cars, and I even use that concentration in the window washer reservoir.


I wash all of my vehicles and boats with three ounces (3 oz.) of 3:1 in half a bucket water and a brush.

For heavy grime areas, I'll spray 3:1 straight on the area, leave it on for a bit, then come back with the brush and wash. After rinsing I feel “a silicon like” feel on the paint even though there is no silicones in CLEANO®.

Motor cycles, ATV’s, RVs and the like are excellent subjects for CLEANO®.

Heck, it's even been used on some beautiful yachts here in sunny California.

CLEANO® is powerful enough to clean and degrease some of the world's manliest items, like military fighter aircraft and a cop's GLOCK. It's also surprisingly gentle and can be used around the home.

It's a safe green alternative to today's cleaners that are full of chemicals that dry out your skin, cause annoying itchy rashes, smell horribly, and cause you to choke when you accidentally inhale a little.

I invite you to consider CLEANO® for your cleaning and maintenance needs.

I can say with utter confidence, CLEANO® has improved my health and my life. Growing up around them, I used to think that harsh chemicals were needed to really clean the tough stuff. I didn't used to believe that green products could cut it.

But CLEANO® has made cleaning my work sites, my truck, my home, and my favorite 'toys' a breeze, and at the same time my health has improved.

My new motto: Keep it green. Keep it clean.


Lyle Smith, CLEANO® Co-Founder
Lyle "Cleano Man" Smith
Retired Los Angles Sheriff Deputy and Co-Founder of CLEANO®
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